Can I wipe over my socks for wudu?

Short Answer

Yes, if you meet all the conditions:
1) The socks must be thick such that no water reaches your foot when you wipe over the top.
2) The socks must cover the ankles.
3) The socks must have been worn when you were in a state of wudu and have not been removed since then.
4) You wipe over the top of the socks.
5) The socks have not been on for more than twenty four hours.

Reason for Asking the Question

The Prophet wiped over his leather socks (khuff) when making wudu. Since this helps avoid the slight-difficulty of washing your feet, especially during inconvenient times, the questioner wants to know if this can be applied in their case too.


It is better to remove your socks and wash your feet so do this when there is significant discomfort and not just as a habit.

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar