Can I recite Qur’an during my menstrual period?

Short Answer

Yes, from memory.

Reason for Asking the Question

You cannot pray or fast during your menstrual period. You cannot touch a copy (mushaf) of the Qur’an either. The questioner wants to know if reciting the Qur’an is allowed during this time.

What the Prophet Said

The Prophet used to teach the Qur’an and he never prevented anyone from learning it except those who were in a state of janaabah (needed to take a bath due to intercourse or the ending of menstruation).” (Abu Dawud 1:281; Tirmidhi 146; Nasai 1:144; Ibn Maajah 1:207; Ahmad 1:84; Ibn Khuzaymah 1:104) (Ibn Hajar: This report has a slight weakness in it)

The Prophet “The menstruating woman and the one who is in a state of janaabah should not recite anything of the Quran.” (Tirmidhi 131; Ibn Maajah 595; Daraqutni 1:117; Bayhaqi 1:89) (Ibn Taymiyyah said it is weak according to all hadith scholars 21:460)

What the Scholars Said

The Hanafi, Shaafi’i, and Hanbali schools: It is not allowed based on analogy with intercourse prohibiting recitation before taking a bath and the other supporting hadiths.

The Maliki school (and Ibn Taymiyyah and ash-Shawkaani): It is allowed since the analogy is weak and there is no other authentic evidence prohibiting this.

My Opinion

Despite the majority of scholars forbidding this, the evidence appears to be weak and there is at least one entire school, in addition to another prominent scholar, who contested this. Therefore, I lean towards that view, also because this would cause restrictions for women which can impact their practice of Islam significantly.


If someone wants to be on the safe side due to many scholars forbidding this practice, you can limit it to the verses you must review for memorization/preservation.

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar