Can I use an item that contains pig hair like a paintbrush or shave brush?

Short Answer

It is better to avoid using products with pig hair unless there is a good reason and the substitute items are significantly inferior.

What the Qur’an Said

“Allah has made your homes a place to rest, and has given you tents from the hide of animals, light to handle when you travel and when you camp. And out of their wool, fur, and hair He has given you furnishings and goods for a while.” An-Nahl 16:80

What the Scholars Said

The Hanafi, Shafi’i, and Hanbali schools considered all parts of a pig impure. If something wet like water touches the bristles then that impure water transfers over and must be cleaned. (Al-Mawsu`ah Al-Fiqhiyyah 20:35) The Hanafi school further said it is allowed when there is no good alternative.

The Maliki school considered the hair of a pig pure. (Al-Mawsu`ah Al-Fiqhiyyah 20:35) This is also the view of Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah. (Al-Ikhtiyaaraat Al-Fiqhiyyah from Al-Fataawa Al-Kubra 5:264)

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar