Do I have to perform Hajj as soon as I can afford it?

Short Answer

Hajj should not be postponed since no one knows what their circumstances will be like in the future. You may become unhealthy and unable to perform Hajj, or your financial status may change. If you delay it unnecessarily, and then die, you will be sinful. Therefore, Hajj should be performed as soon as possible.

What the Scholars Said

Imam Ibn Qudamah said: “…and if he is more inclined towards marriage, and he fears hardship upon himself, he can give preference to marriage as it is a necessity for him and he cannot do without it. Thus it is like his necessary expenses. If he has no such fears, then he must give preference to Hajj because (in this case) marriage is optional and cannot be given preference over Hajj which is an obligation.” [al-Mughni 6:269]

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar