What parts of an animal can I eat?

Short Answer

If the animal is halal (lawful) to consume like a cow or chicken then you may eat its meat, liver, brain, bone marrow, and other parts. The only parts that are forbidden, in addition to blood that pours out after slaughter, are related to the private parts and the digestive system where filth accumulates. This includes the penis, vulva (female genitalia), testicles, glands, urinary bladder, and the gall bladder.

What the Scholars Said

Imam Mujahid said: ‘The Messenger of Allah disliked consuming seven things from the sheep: the gall-bladder, the urinary bladder, the glands, the vulva, the penis, the testicles and the blood. The Messenger of Allah used to like the forepart of sheep and goats.’ (Kitab al-Athar #811 with a sound chain of narration)

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar