What type of jewelry can men wear?

Short Answer

Men can wear any jewelry like a ring, bracelet, or necklace if it is not made of gold and it is not specific to women in a particular culture. Earrings, for example, are still specific to women in most cultures around the world.

Reason for Asking the Question

Jewelry is common in many cultures and men tend to wear more styles of jewelry than they did in the past. The questioner wants to know what the restrictions are.

What the Prophet Said

“Allah curses men who imitate women and women who imitate men.” [al-Bukhārī #5885]

“Gold and silk have been made lawful for the women of my community but prohibited for men.” [at-Tirmidhī #1720]

What the Scholars Said

Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalānī [Shāfi’ī]: “…it is not permissible for men to imitate women with regard to the garments and adornments that are only for women, or vice versa…this applies to ways of speaking and walking. As for styles of clothing, that may vary according to the differences in cultures/customs from one land to another. There may be some people who do not differentiate between the clothing of their women and their men, but the women are distinguished by the observance of hijab and covering.” [Fath ul-Bārī, 10:332]

Ibn Hajar al-Haytami [Shāfi’ī]: “It is forbidden to imitate them (i.e. women) by wearing styles unique to them, such as wearing bracelets, anklets and the like, unlike wearing rings.” [al-Fatāwā al-Kubrā, 1:261]

Imam Ibn Ābidīn [Hanafī]: ““It is forbidden (for men) to wear anything (of jewelry) other than a silver ring, because of what Imam Tahawi related with his chain of transmission to Imran ibn Husayn and Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah forbade the wearing of gold rings. It is narrated that a man came to the Messenger of Allah wearing a ring made of brass. The Messenger of Allah said: “What is it that I smell the scent of idols from you, so he got rid of the ring. Then he came to the Messenger of Allah wearing a ring made of iron. The Messenger of Allah said: “What is it that I find on you the adornment of the people of hellfire”, so he got rid of it and said: “From what substance should I make my ring, Messenger of Allah?” The Messenger of Allah said: “Make it from silver that is less than one mithqāl (2.975 or 4.865 grams).” It becomes clear from the above narrations that to wear a ring that is made from gold, iron, metal and brass is forbidden.” [Radd ul-Muhtār 6:359]


Just because a small group of people practice certain things, like some men who wear earrings, does not mean the entire American culture has changed. You can determine if a culture has changed if a practice: 1) has become widespread in a particular area 2) almost no one objects to it 3) people of dignity and decency would not refrain from doing it.

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar