Should I wear an amulet (ta`widh) for protection?

Short Answer

Wearing something with the name of Allah written on it, or with verses of the Qur’an, was not done by the Prophet or the Companions. They did not hang up names of Allah or verses of the Qur’an as a way of seeking Allah’s protection. Instead, they ask Allah to protect them and that is what you should do. It is fine to wear something like that as long as you do not think the object itself protects you, because objects can neither harm nor benefit anyone. It is best to ask Allah to relieve you from problems or illness as well as resort to medical treatment.

What the Qur’an and Sunnah Say

The Prophet said: “When any one of you stays at a place, he should say: ‘I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah from the evil He created.’ Nothing would then do him any harm until he moves from that place.” (Muslim #2708)

What the Scholars Said

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “It is permissible for an ill or troubled person, that certain verses from the Qur’an are written with pure ink, then it is washed and given to the ill to drink. Ibn Abbas is reported to have mentioned a certain prayer that should be written and placed close to the woman who is experiencing hard labor at the time of giving birth.” (Majmu` Al-Fataawaa, 19:65)

Imam Ibn Abidin said: “Using amulets will not be permissible if they are written in a non-Arabic language in that its meaning is not known. They may consist of black magic, disbelief or impermissible invocations. However, if they consist of Qur’anic verses or prescribed supplications, then there is nothing wrong with using them.” (Radd Al-Muhtar)


Although scholars technically allowed the usage of amulets with certain strict conditions, there are too many people today who violate those conditions and think that the object itself protects them. These people do not ask Allah for help or seek medical/psychological treatment and rely on those objects. This is totally against Islam and therefore it is better to avoid this practice in general until the Muslim community becomes more aware of the strict conditions required to even consider using amulets.

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Shaykh Mustafa Umar